About Remington Dayn-Ryan



1. Maker of designart, music, and social good

2. Love Jesus. Hate Religion.

3. 73,638,782nd Richest person in the world

4. Filipino-Texan

5. Anti-drama

6. My drug of choice is Nature Rx

7. I am successful 

8. Avid supporter of the American Gold Cross

9. I own tear gas-scented candles

10. I quote myself

11. Pray the Hypocrites prayer (for others of course)

12. Own this Texting Hat

13. A fan of this particular piece of Architecture

14. Anti-crack and other drugs

15. How I feel about your anti-whatever Bumper Sticker

16. Proud owner of Google Cardboard Plastic

17. Wonder if we can auto-correct humanity

18. My love has no labels

19. Forever exploring WTF I should do with my life

20. On the 7th stage of grief

21. I too think You Have Too Much S*it

22. I work for equal opportunity faith

23. Gained some wisdom from cows

24. Live a pretty good life

25. I'm the bearer of Good News

26. Celebrator of Wow Day

27. I need Nothing

28. I am here

29. Follow this To Do List

30. My kind of Touchscreen